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Jamming Show

The funniest show by Jamming, the most successful theater company in the Peninsula, more than 2,000,000 spectators support it! A tremendously original show in which each performance is improvised, unique, unrepeatable and is built before the eyes of the public.

In Jamming the viewer is an active part of the show. Starting from titling written by the audience, the actors devise and perform a series of improvisations according to certain styles.

Its power as a show lies in its distance from conventional theater in its conception, but not in its realization. That is, it is written before the public (unconventional) but it is done with the tools of conventional interpretation. The audience contemplates something new but recognizable.

In addition, he feels part of the show since he is in charge of writing the titles of each theatrical piece. Then? You can go to all the functions, you will never see the same.

At the Maravillas Theater, Calle Manuela Malasaña 6, Madrid, from September 24 to November 27

Duration: approximately 90 minutes

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