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Train + "La Jaula de las Locas" - in Barcelona

Train + "La Jaula de las Locas" - in Barcelona


44,80 €

*Billete de tren ida/vuelta desde tarragona a Barcelona + entrada en Segundo Piso fila 13, de lunes a jueves. consultar otros orígenes/fechas/localidades. Consigue el mejor precio reservando con +30 días de Antelación.
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Train + "La Jaula de las Locas" - in Barcelona: 0,00 €

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"La Jaula de las Locas" - Barcelona

The peaceful couple life of Albin and Georges, owner of "La Cage aux Folles" nightclub at Saint Tropez, its completely altered by an unexpected new: Jean Michel, son of Georges, is going to marry the daughter of an ultraconservative delegate, excelsious defender of the most traditional values in the family life. The explosive encounter among such differnet families looses the funniest comedy, full of love and delirious situations.

Inspired by the popular work of Jean Poiret, the musical is brought by the talent of Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein. With nine Tony Awards and three Drama Desk Awards, "La Jaula de las Locas" has been performed non-stop all over the world since its Premiere. This season the show arrives to the Tívoli theater in an spectacular version lead by Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix.

"La Jaula de las Locas" is a song to the individual and collective freedom. A daring performance with amazing coreographies, a rampant dressing design and a worldwide theme, turns this show into one of the most claimed musicals ever. Each performance transforms "The cage" into a party, a celebration of the "joie de vivre" which you know how is starting...But never how it ends!

Dates and location:

From the 14/09/18

Teather Tívoli, Barcelona.

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  • Roundtrip train ticket to Barcelona from your chosen origin

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