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Musical Anastasia

Buy here a Anastasia el musical


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Train + Ticket


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Train + Hotel + Ticket

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Anastasia, el musical

Anastasia the musical will transport you from the twilight of Imperial Russia to the euphoria of Paris in the ‘20s.

Anastasia tells the thrilling story of the youngest Romanov daughter who, according to legend, escaped from the Bolshevik Revolution and journeyed from St. Petersburg to Paris in search of her true identity. It is a journey that will ultimately shape her own destiny.

Madrid is the first European city to raise its curtains on the musical that is still getting rave reviews on Broadway.

This fascinating production is already playing at the Coliseum Theater on Madrid’s Gran Vía.

NEW: Fan day!                 
                Imagine that you could live the Anastasia show in a way                 incredible, attending the musical that is triumphing in Madrid and knowing,                 by the hand of its protagonists, the most surprising secrets about                 how this great production is prepared.                 
                You just have to check the available dates and buy your normal ticket for that day. Each FAN DAY is unique and unrepeatable!                 
                First dates:
26 June - Silvia Luchetti and Angels Jiménez Tuesday 20/08/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet Jana Gómez + Carlos Salgado + Head of the Registros
                 Tuesday 03/09/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet Silvia Luchetti + Angels Jiménez + Costume Manager
                 Tuesday 17/09/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet Iñigo Etayo + Javier Navares + Makeup and Hairdressing
                 Tuesday 01/10/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet the work of the Covers (Laura, Marc and José) + responsible for Regiduria
                 Tuesday 15/10/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet the work of the Dancers (Guillermo, Vivec and Pep) + Dance Captain + Makeup and Hairdressing
                 Tuesday 29/10/2019 - SPECIAL SOUND: Orchestra + musical director + Jana
                 Tuesday 11/12/2019 - SPECIAL ASSEMBLY AT THE COLISEUM THEATER
Tuesday 26/11/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet Jana Gómez + Carlos Salgado + Head of the Department of Management
Tuesday 10/12/2019 - Meetings at the Theater: Meet Silvia Luchetti + Angels Jiménez + Costume Manager

Train + Ticket
Hotel + Ticket
Train + Hotel + Ticket

What is included?

- Roundtrip ticket from the selected origin to Madrid
- Ticket for the selected date

How it works?

- Just print the tickets that we will send you to your email address after shopping and use it to enter the theatre and the train

Important information

- Duration: 2h 30min - 20min breaktime


- Teatro Coliseum, Calle Gran Vía, 78, Madrid

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