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Montserrat Cable Car

Montserrat Cable Car


7,50 €

*Precio adulto - Acceso de ida al teleférico, consulta otras opciones.
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Montserrat Cable Car : 0,00 €

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You can not leave Barcelona without taking the magical Montserrat cable car, just one hour from the city. Enjoy direct access to the Montserrat cable car and make an unforgettable ascent to the sky of Catalonia. The Montserrat cable car has been in operation since 1930 and offers spectacular panoramic views of the rugged Catalan countryside. It is the easiest way to climb the mountain without stress to the Benedictine Abbey of Santa María de Montserrat and its famous statue of the Virgin of Montserrat. Montserrat has been a pilgrimage site for almost a thousand years although, luckily, you no longer have to climb the rocky mountain like in the Middle Ages.

Don't miss out on your ticket to go up to the sky of Catalonia!


Montserrat Cable Car Ctra C-55 Km, 11.5 from Monistrol de Montserrat.

What includes?

One-way or round-trip access to the Cable Car, as you choose - Free WiFi.

How does it work?

Choose the date during the reservation process, after finishing, print the voucher that you will receive by e-mail to present it upon arrival at the Cable Car.

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