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Very important. The schedule for events, services or entrance tickets to shows included in any of the packs of Renfe Viajes Ocio are INDEPENDENT to the train schedule.

REMEMBER. Set a date and time in between the departure and the return train, to avoid complications!.

Not Renfe nor Viajes Reina take responsabilities for the lost of the trip because of the previously pointed. .



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El médico

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El médico

The musical based on the best-seller of Noah Gordon, El Médico, at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid.


Join Rob J. Cole on this exciting journey from dreary London in the 11th century to the magical world of Persia.


In the words of Noah Gordon "the emotion of the novel has managed to pierce the music so that I can hear my book. I am delighted that readers can now experience the adventures of Rob J. Cole in a new and wonderful way. "


Created and produced entirely in Spain, 'El Médico' has a creative team formed, among others, by the composer and musical director Iván Macías , the director José Luis Sixto strong>, the playwright Felix Amador , Alfons Flores as a set designer, and Francesc Abós and Luis Perdiguero as a choreographer illuminator. Lorenzo Caprile is the costume designer, Jorge Blass has designed the effects of magic and Feliciano San Román takes care of the hairdressing and makeup of the musical.



Train + The Doctor
Hotel + The Doctor
Train + Hotel + The Doctor

What is included?

- Roundtrip train tickets from the selected origin to Madrid
- Ticket for the selected date

How it works?

- Simply print the tickets that we will send to your email after the purchase to access the theater and the train.

Important information

- El Médico es un musical apto para todos los públicos, pero como sugerencia a los padres recomendamos que los niños sean mayores de 6 años.
- Todos los espectadores deben pagar entrada.
- Duration of the show: 2h 3min, with 15 minutes of intermediate included.


- Tirso de Molina square, Madrid

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