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Tickets to the "Alcázar de Jerez"

Tickets to the "Alcázar de Jerez"


5,00 €

*Tarifa normal por persona
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Ticket to the Monumental Complex "Alcázar de Jerez" - Normal Rate: 5,00 €
Entrada to the Monumental Complex "Alcázar de Jerez" - Reduced Rate: 1,80 €

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The Alcázar de Jerez is one of the major landmarks of the city and is its oldest preserved historic site, located in the south-east corner of the walled enclosure it combined with the walls, towers and gates to forma a complex defensive system.

It was built by the Almohads between the XII and XIII centuries, at the same time as the fortified walls of the city. Although the greater part of the preserved Islamic buildings date from this period, recent archeological excavations have uncovered the existence of an earlier defensive enclosure.

The fortress enclosure, which has been partially restored to a good state of preservation, provides a revealing glimpse of the history of the Alcázar de Jerez under periods of first Islamic and later Christian rule: towers, crenellated walls, bent-entrance gateways, evocative horseshoe archways, parade ground and gardens. The mosque – the only one currently preserver – was turned into a chapel by King Alfonso X the Wise after the conquest of the city in 1264. The Arab baths, pools, cisterns and water wheels bear witness to the importance of water and a perfect control and command of hydraulic infrastructures. All of this without breaking the perfect harmony of the historic site as a whole, finished off by important reforms carried out in the XVII century by the Villavicencio family, who in 1664 – empowered by a Royal Decree issued by King Felipe IV – took over the tenancy of the Alcázar. This magnificent legacy of the work carried out by this illustrious Jerez family.

The Alcázar was declared a site of historic and artistic interest by the republican government in 1931. It currently belongs to Jerez Town Council which, since 1996 has carried out a series of reforms in order to achieve an integral recuperation of the historic site as a whole. The latest of these was completed in 2010, preserving and giving public use to practically the whole Alcázar.

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  • Monumental Complex "Alcázar de Jerez"
    Alameda Vieja S/N- C.P. 11405 Jerez. Cádiz (España)

    Months from January to June and October to December 2021

    • MONDAY TO SUNDAY from 9:30 till 14:30

    Months from July to September 2021

    • MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 9:30 till 17:30
    • SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS from 9:30 till 14:30

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  • Admission ticket to "Alcázar de Jerez" Monumental Complex.

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People who are pensioners, students, residents of Jerez and residents of Jerez, can benefit from the Reduced Rate.

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