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Train + Nothing is Impossible, "The Mago pop"

Train + Nothing is Impossible, "The Mago pop"


48,00 €

*Billete de tren ida/vuelta desde Toledo a Madrid + entrada en Club Filas 1 a 6, Entrada General, miercoles y jueves. Consulte otras fechas/origenes y tipo de localidades. Consigue nuestras mejores ofertas reservando +30 días antes de la salida.
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Train + Nothing is Impossible, "The Mago pop": 0,00 €

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Train + Nada es Imposible, "El Mago Pop"

The Rialto Theater in Madrid will receive the world premiere “Nada es Imposible” (Nothing is Impossible), the new show of Magician Antonio Díaz – Mago Pop, Magic National Award, which he wants to overtake the success of his last show “La Gran Ilusión”.

Mago Pop has been able to carry his magic to more tan 150 countries through his TV Show on Discovery Max, also he has been able to amaze Stephen Hawking and become the highest-grossing illusionist in Europe with his last show “La Gran Ilusión”, seducing to famous people as Antonio Banderas, Neymar, Carlos Slim or Victoria Beckham, declared fans of the young magician.

Now, he has a new chalenge, get astonish the world with his new Show “Nada es Imposible” (Nothing is Impossible), with a Show where he proposes us a travel trough the uncommon full of wonder, amusement, sensibility, surprises, rythm and emotion… An adventure full of illusion that will remind us that, when the magician is on scene, nothing is imposible.

Mago Pop is an exceptional illusionist, with an inexhaustible capacity to surprise us from the first minute. Still haven´t seen him on live? He will impress you! Get ready to see incredible things.

Famous said:

“I really don´t understand how he does it!” Fernando Jerez.

“He is a master” Stephen Hawking.

“Absolutely brilliant” Antonio Banderas.

“Antonio Díaz is called to become the new international magician star. His shows and his personality are captivating from the first moment, he has a sum of qualities that makes him an exceptional one”.

Until 14th october 2018

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