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Train + El Palacio Andaluz

Train + El Palacio Andaluz


68,00 €

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Train + El Palacio Andaluz : 0,00 €

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scover the very essence of flamenco at Spain's most luxurious flamenco venue: located in the very heart of Seville, the Palacio provides a show with a spectacular array of award-winning performers.

All the tradition of flamenco is concentrated in this display of artistic intensity and Andalusian grace through these wonderful dance styles: bulerías, soleás, alegrías, fandangos, sevillanas… accompanied by some wonderful fine dining..

What's included?

  • Admission to the show
    Enjoy the most vivid flamenco.
    • Drink
      Follow the show while enjoying your favourite drink.
    • Tapas Dinner
      A small sample of the delicacies of the Spanish cuisine.
    • A la carte DInner
      Enjoy your flamenco show as you have a varied, typical Spannish dinner:

Tapas dinner

Tapas: Seafood cocktail, Spanish potato omelette, prawns on pastry, Andalusian cake, cod confit with virgin olive oil and asparagus, stewed pork cheeks on ‘Pedro Ximénez’ sauce with potato mille-feuille.
Dessert: Tasting of house specialities.
Coffee and liqueur
Bread, dry or fruity 'Condado' white wine / red Rioja wine and mineral water.

Dinner a la carte

Appetizers: chef´s selection
First courses: To choose between: Mixed salad with marinated figs and goat`s cheese / Seafood cocktail with thousand island dressing / Marinated tuna fish with sautéed vegetables / Cream of vegetable soup with thin shavings of ham.
Second courses: To choose between: Stewed pork cheeks on ‘Pedro Ximénez’ sauce / Oven baked salmon with soy and lime / Beef sirloin steak with potato mille-feuille / Cod confit with virgin olive oil.
Desserts: Tasting of chef`s specialities.
Coffee and liqueur
Bread, dry or fruity 'Condado' white wine / red Rioja wine and mineral water.

How does it work?

Beginning to enjoy the show is very easy…

Simply print the voucher sent to your email address after purchasing and hand it in at the entrance of El Palacio Andaluz. You can enter the show directly!

  • El Palacio Andaluz
    Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro 4, Isla Cartuja, 41092 Sevilla.

    Monday - Sunday: 9.30 pm


From Monday to Sunday: show at 9.30 pm. Duration: one hour and a half approximately.


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