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Train + City of Science and Arts (Oceanogràfic, Hemisfèric and Museum)

Train + City of Science and Arts (Oceanogràfic, Hemisfèric and Museum)


72,50 €

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Train + City of Science and Arts (Oceanogràfic, Hemisfèric and Museum): 0,00 €

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Come by train from your City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia:

With a world class museum dedicated to science, a spellbinding 3D IMAX dome and with over 500 marine species to discover, why not make the most of your time in Valencia and buy this combination ticket for the sensational City of Arts and Sciences?

- Let the universe open up before your eyes at the Hemisfèric
- Discover the fascinating exhibits at the Principe Felipe Science Museum
- Encounter over 45,000 creatures at L'Oceanogràfic

See the future and how it works at the sensational City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Visit the Hemisfèric projection hall, the Principe Felipe Science Museum and l'Oceanogràfic marine park, and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences that will linger long in the memory of the whole family.

The Hemisfèric is as a projection hall with three separate systems projecting onto a curved 900m2 screen. There’s an IMAX dome, a 3D digital screen and digital full dome projections often of an astronomical nature. Lie back and be transported to another dimension. All these dramatic features have earned nicknames such as the Eye of Knowledge and the Planetarium.

The Principe Felipe Science Museum features a series of fascinating exhibits dedicated to themes such as climate change and human DNA. There is also a children’s area that studies aspects about natural habitats, pollution and outer space. Sports fans will love the section devoted to the city’s most successful football club, Valencia CF, and the Marvel superheroes exhibit attracts young and old in equal measure.

At L'Oceanogràfic explore the world’s major seas and oceans, with each building dedicated to a different maritime environment. Marvel at the majesty of the Mediterranean. Wander through the wild Wetlands. Travel through the Temperate and Tropical Seas. Admire the awesome Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. Revel in the Red Sea and discover the delights of the Dolphinarium. There are more than 45,000 creatures from 500 species, including beluga whales, jellyfish, penguins, sea lions, seals, sharks, rays, starfish, walruses and many, many more.

What’s included?

  • Hemisfèric

  • Principe Felipe Science Museum

  • L'Oceanogràfic

  • Train ticket (back and forth) from the city you prefer.

How does it work?

After finishing the process of purchase, it stamps the tickets of train to accede to the same one and the bond of the visit to show it in the point of indicated meeting

Redeem the printed voucher at the lockers.

L' Oceanogràfic

C/ Eduardo Primo Yúfera (Científico), 1B

Opening time
At 10am.

Closing time

  • Hemisfèric and Museum: 8pm (9pm in summer).
  • Oceanogràfic: 6pm (15/09 to 14/06), 8pm (15/06 to 31/06 and 1/09 to 14/09) and midnight (August).


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